Practices of collage
Every Saturday, 16:00 –18:00
25, Napoca Street, Cluj
Free for Entrance
Essential techniques, working with different textures,
using photographs, creating collages on your projects

We are used to perceiving chaos as harmful, exhausting, and consuming our lives
and energy. But what if you spend two hours playing with chaos
and let it release your creative energy? What if you forget about rules, problems,
and tasks and give yourself time to enjoy creating with your own hands?
We invite you to master a new creative practice: collage.

What does the creative process look like?

You will learn the basic principles of collage,
how to work with kraft paper, how to cut and combine your creative ideas into a composition, where to look for free textures and backgrounds,
and how to combine photo fragments.
Collage in theory
We will delve a little deeper into collage techniques and the basics of composition and devote most of our time to creative practices.
Collage practice
We will take photos and collect images from which you will make your collages. Teachers will accompany you and help you build a composition and choose colors and textures.
New acquaintances and
warm communication
HelloCraft.UA! Masterclasses always have a positive atmosphere of communication, and I meet interesting, creative souls who can inspire with their talent and life experience.

Andreia Ioana Cismasiu

Contemporary Visual Artist
Andrea is the owner of the Artsy Vibes agency. She studied Art, Design, and Photo-Video at the Universitatea de Arte si Design. She works in different Contemporary Art styles and exhibits her works in European galleries.
We find exciting ideas every day to make
the learning process inspiring
Norbert Bec
A photographer and videographer

Norbert owns, an agency. ''I have always maintained that the difference between "something" and "that something" is soul. That's how it is in photography; everyone knows how to take pictures, but photographs require soul. Besides composition, lighting, and post-processing, you have to recognize each client's personality and give them what suits them best - his credo.

How it was
Handmade practices take place in a spacious
room in the centre of Cluj-Napoca
Photo by Marion
Photo by Jacob
Photo by Mike
Photo by Jacob
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